Re-Painting Your Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture is a great addition to a home or outdoor space, but the sunlight and average wear on the sensitive and delicate wood can slowly but surely chip away and fade the paint.

But painting wicker furniture is not as easy as getting out a brush and throwing on a few coats.

When you feel it’s time to paint your wicker furniture, first consider how you use it.

If the furniture is outdoors, you may want to keep the natural beauty of the original wood.

Lighter, more natural colors fit nicely into outdoor spaces, especially when there are splashes of color and colorful accents from flowers and foilage.

These combined with the natural wood in your wicker furnishings will compliment each other and bring a cohesive feel to your outdoor space.

If your furniture is inside however, you can be a bit daring and experimental with colors. You could try painting your wicker furniture to match the color theme of the room it’ll be in for instance.

Or try putting a coat of wood finish on it to make it tie nicely into a country or rustic themed room.

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You can also simply paint or stain it in subtle tones, then add splashes of color for highlights and accents, and to tie it into various room color schemes.

If you decide to paint your wicker for indoor use, be sure to pick a color out of something that’s already in the room.

It doesn’t have to be a main color or a focal point object, but it helps to have at least three things with a touch of the same color in any room.

So if you have a cream floor rug with rust accents for instance, you could use those rust accents as the color for your wicker furniture – either as the main color or the accent color.

Before painting your furniture, be sure to clean it completely.

Remove any dirt and dust that might have accumulated over the years.

Wicker furniture has many crevices too, so be sure to dig into those with your scrub brush when you’re cleaning it.

If you don’t clean the furniture well before painting it, the paint might not adhere properly, and it could come out mottled, bumpy and ugly.

Once you’re ready to start painting, either spray painting or brush painting will do the trick.

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Pick an oil-based paint if you’re using a brush, and be sure to choose a nice soft-bristled brush so you won’t harm the wicker.

Pick the highest quality spray paints if you choose that method instead.

Check with your local hardware or furniture store for advice on the best paint selections.

Wood tends to absorb paint and the crevices on wicker will also absorb it, so you’ll need to go over your furniture with more than one coat.

For brush painting: Turn your furniture over and start painting from the bottom. If you have problems coating inside the crevices, use a smaller brush.

Once you’ve gotten the full first coat of paint on, let your furniture dry completely, then flip it upside down again and start on the second coat.

After the second coat of paint is completely dry, you’ll want to inspect your furniture completely to see if any parts of it were missed.

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Again, be sure to inspect the crevices.

At this point you’ll also be able to see if the wood absorbed a lot of the paint, and if so, decide whether a third coat of paint is needed.

The older your wicker furniture is, the more likely it will need several coats of paint – particularly if it’s been sitting out in the sun. The wood will be dry and thus it will absorb more of the new paint as you apply it.

If you choose to spray paint your wicker furniture be aware that you’ll use a lot of paint.

Much of it will be lost into the surrounding air, and more will be lost through the holes and crevices in the furniture. So be sure to buy plenty of your color choice before getting started.

Once your wicker furniture is painted well, it should last many more years – particularly if it’s kept inside.

Most wicker furniture is used outdoors though, so keep in mind that direct sunlight, wind, rain, ice and snow will directly affect how long the furniture keeps its new look.

If you don’t want to find yourself repainting your wicker furniture every year, try bringing it inside when the weather is at its worst.

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