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Decoration in Popular Decor Styles


This particular design theme is characterized by its smooth, curved shapes and lines that were popular during the 1920’s and 30’s, contemporary decor styles are usually associated with a touch of sophistication.

They often take classical forms and rework them to the point of minimalism and nearly absolute reduction.

Doors of contemporary style reflect functionalism with the absence of applied ornamentation.

Old mixes with the new in this guest bedroom makeover

http://www.mdjonline.com/cobblife/old-mixes-with-the-new-in-this-guest-bedroom-makeover/article_3cca42f0-4c5e-11e7-8b7e-83d8d8daa2c9.htmlWhen interior designer Keela Richards, owner of Kay’s Décor and Interiors, decided to redecorate her guest bedroom, she did something she’d never do with her clients: design-as-you-go. But the end result was a relaxing retreat that welcomes guests and sets the stage for a good night’s sleep.

“The funny part is, I originally didn’t have a vision for the room. I knew what I wanted to have in paint colors, and when the painters came, I literally had not pulled my colors together,” Richards said. “The vision grew as I was going.” read the full info here

Bathroom in Popular Decor Styles

Cottage Style.

This design theme is known for its vintage look and casual, romantic feel. Technically, cottage style is not really a style because it is actually a type of place in which to live; but cottage furnishings have become popular resulting in the birth of cottage style decorating.

Cottage style furniture is often recycled, collected from family members, or purchased at flea markets.

As long as the effect is charming and comfortable, any furniture can fit the style, cottage decors are usually pieces of furniture adapted from one use to another: Using a bench as a coffee table for instance. 

Floors are often wood and usually informal and imperfect.

Windows should appear airy and light.  Instead of using heavy drapes, lace would be a good option for a cottage style window, the windows may even be left bare if privacy is not really needed.

Quirky retro trends we’d love to see make a comeback

http://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/homed/decor/93506426/five-quirky-retro-trends-wed-love-to-see-make-a-comebackA design feature that sidelines the television and works well with fireplaces (particularly the mid-century “floating” kind), the conversation pit puts – you guessed it – conversation, back at the heart of the home.

So leave your shoes and cellphone by the door and come on down to comfy town. It’s time to teach your kids and remind your friends how to interact with other human beings. …read more stuff.co.nz

Modern Eclectic.

Eclectic style is a combination of items from a different variety of periods, styles and sources brought together through the use of color, shape, texture and finish.

You might for example, mix a southwestern style area rug with lace country curtains and a modern brass floor lamp all in the same room.

This decorating style has continued to increase in popularity because people like the freedom to choose home decor and accents based on their personal tastes. An eclectic decorating style usually involves a large variety of colors, but staying with the more neutral tones makes it easier to tie all your design elements together.

When choosing furniture, take into account the finishes, materials and lines of the pieces being combined and look for ways to make them blend – whether it is with paint, fabric, or finish. Decorating with an eclectic style means you’re able to use a multitude of different fabric types too: Patterned, textured, soft, silky, or all of the above.

Try starting with a neutral background, then add colors and textures to compliment and enhance your overall decor theme.

Dining Room

Southwest Style.

This style is popular throughout the United States, particularly in Arizona and New Mexico. Straight lines and square shapes define sturdy and primitively crafted elements of the style.  Abstract geometrical patterns are evident, as well as the influence of Native American patterns.

Terra cotta decorations, woven motifs, and leather furnishings are common elements of the southwest style. Door styles of this theme commonly use recessed panels with simple edge detail. If you are looking for that southwestern motif, you might consider installing vigas, these are a typically southwestern design element and consist of open beams mounted on the ceiling.

They are split poles with the rounded edge exposed and are usually stained in a dark shade.

One step further and you can create latillas.

This is the installation of small twigs tightly angled in a zizag pattern between the vigas giving the impression of the antique ceiling materials used in olden times.

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