Decorating a Romantic Room

A Romantic Room

Specialty mood lights may be a better way to add colored light accents to a romantic room, onyx lamps range in color from orange to green, and give off only a gentle illumination.

The soft, warm nature of this light tends to bath a space in intimacy.

Lava lamps are another great accent light, the shapes and movements of the lava are sensual, and the light is subdued, they are a bit out dated, but in many ways retro décor is making a come back.

If your space can pull off a lava lamp without looking silly, they can provide intimate and mesmerizing illumination to a room

Perhaps the simplest method for creating an romanticly lighted atmosphere is with candles, candles are very inexpensive, and come in a variety of colors and sizes.

They provide understated light that flickers, making the space seem to move at each twist of the flame. Scented candles will add yet another touch of sensuality to the feel of the bedroom.

Romantic Decorating Style for Your Home doesn’t have to be reserved only for Valentine’s day. In fact, a romantic decorating approach is making its way far beyond just bedroom décor and is a distinct decorating style for many rooms in the house.

Start with a soft, muted color palette—think neutral whites, dusty pinks, pale yellows and pastel periwinkles. Consider going with an all-white color palette then pairing it with interesting worn and welcoming textures, like white-washed woods and rustic woods. See more…


If you are decorating for romance, you want to be careful about the kind of accessories you choose to display in the setting, you want every item in the room to be beautiful, ugly or tacky images will be a distraction that can ruin the mood of the entire space.

Certain kinds of art are wonderful accents for an romantic setting, try to find pieces that are lovely to the point of being inspirational.
Seeing landscapes, portraits, portrayals of beautiful bodies or of nature can prime a human’s subconscious, readying it for intimacy.

Avoid any work that is violent, or overly bizarre, as it will only take attention away from the room’s sensuality.

You don’t want to decorate with objects that directly turn you on, instead you should try and find things that touch you in a subtle way, stirring emotions rather then pure lust.

If you do choose to incorporate erotic pieces into your décor, try and be tasteful in your choices, tribal fertility art or renaissance body portraits are one way to add sexy decorative items to a room in an understated and elegant manner.



The most important piece of furniture in a bedroom is, of course, the bed, in an romantic setting this piece will almost certainly be the focus of the room, you want your bed to be both comfortable and beautiful.

You want it to be a setting that will inspire you, and make you feel relaxed enough to let down your inhibitions and be yourself, you can think of the bed as a canvas, and use sheets, pillows, and blankets to paint your scene.

Use colors that make you feel sexy and pay attention to your feelings as you try different sheets and comforters in different ways.

Purchasing satin or silk bedding can be an easy way to instantly make the bed a sensual centerpiece, a simple trick to increase the perception of romance in a room is to get rid of your box spring.

By lowering your mattress to the floor, you will make the room feel closer, you can surround the bed with short night tables, and move larger furniture such as dressers against the wall, to complete the feeling of intimacy.

Now the room focuses in three dimensions on one spot, climb into the bed with a partner and you will almost feel the room itself funneling the two of you together.

An romantic center piece can also be created around a bed by building a simple canopy, nail pieces of 1×2 to the ceiling around your bed, making sure to secure them into studs.

Stylish Tips for Romantic Bedroom Decorating and Good Feng Shui decor ideas make bedroom decorating feel tender, passionate, and pleasant. Perfect for strengthening relationships, romantic bedroom designs benefit from smart furniture placement and comfortable accessories that Feng Shui bedroom designs, bring a relaxing atmosphere, and help relax in the peaceful interiors.

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Then simply staple some gauzy fabric to the border of this frame, creating pleats as you do, a canopy can be a private little cove where two lovers can be alone from the rest of the world.

The creation of an romantic bedroom is totally dependent on your specific taste, you have to feel comfortable and sexy in a room, before you can expect anyone else to.

As such, you should experiment with colors, lighting, and accessories, to create a setting which is both calming and exciting, don’t be afraid to change the look or feel of a space, you’re enjoyment is the ultimate measure of your romantic decorating success.

Choosing Decor To Fit Your Style

Have you ever walked into a room and noticed how much you liked it? was it warm, rich and inviting? Or was it cold, dreary and drab?

If your home leaves you with that drab feeling, or doesn’t feel quite right; I have good news for you, you can change it to fit your style and be the home of your dreams!

Creating Romance

Make Your Bedroom Romantic