Choosing Lighting For Your Home


Lighting can change a home’s atmosphere in many ways, I never realized the effect that lighting had on a home until I lived in a small apartment without overhead lights.

Trying to keep enough light in my home so that it really felt comfortable was extremely difficult, although I found ways to work with the lack of light, I never felt completely at ease in my home without effective lighting.

The dimness of the rooms could be depressing, and during the winter, the darkness was at times unbearable.

Choosing light fixtures and lighting for your home can be difficult, but your family will thank you for your choices.

If you have the opportunity to use overhead lights, then you should take advantage of that, overhead lights offer a lot of light that spreads throughout a room.

How much light is given off depends on the wattage of the bulbs as well as the type of light fixture you purchase.

The light fixtures on ceiling fans and Chandeliers give off a lot of light because they have four bulbs, one shining in each direction.

However, yellow tinted bowl light fixtures tend to give off a yellowish glow and leave most of the rim in semi-darkness, the color can make everyone look jaundiced and does little to lighten a room.

Quick Lighting Fixes your lampshades. “The most obvious quick fix is one people forget,” says Dearborn, owner of Lucia Lighting and Design. Over time, shades get dark and dingy. Spruce up a lamp by putting in a new shade that complements the season, such as one with a flower pattern for summer or a warm, gold-colored shade for winter. straight from the source

Also be careful about using light fixtures with many details that will be hard to dust.

For corners or rooms without overhead lights, floor lamps can help brighten the area, floor lamps are best when used in corners or next to seating areas.

The lamps are high enough that they can brighten a chair while someone reads a book.

Some floor lamps have bulbs on the sides, and these bulbs can be turned in different directions to make the best use of the light, having this type of floor lamp in a large room or a section of a room can brighten the area while having to purchase fewer lamps for the room.

Finally, you can use table lamps to lighten a room, table lamps work well on side tables in the living room or bedroom, sometimes you can use a table lamp on top of a bookcase to give light from a higher point.

Also, placing the lamps on antique books or photo albums can give your room a classy look and raise the lighting for the area.

When purchasing table lamps, think about how they look now and also how they might look in the future if you redecorated, lamps with classic lines in a flat silver or bronze or wood can be used in your home for years to come.

Lighting can make all the difference in your home.

Room Lighting

If it is a real issue as it was for me, you may also want to consider purchasing fluorescent bulbs so that the area needing lighting will be even brighter.

The extra expense for higher wattage bulbs is worth the expense especially if you use the area a lot, light up your home, and you will lighten your mood and your life!

Lighting Tips

Lighting needs have to take into consideration the function of a room. While soft, intimate lighting my be appropriate in a small dining room, or a bedroom, you certainly do not want it in your kitchen, bathroom, or office.

So let’s go one room at a time and figure out what you will need.

Kitchen – A ceiling fixture that lights the whole room is a must, you also need task lighting over your kitchen sink and in your major work area.

If your table is in the kitchen, a dropped fixture over the table is appropriate, use a dimmer switch on that fixture so that you can regulate the mood.

Track lighting that can be aimed at a butcher block island or a breakfast bar is useful.

Ultra Modern Dining Room Lighting Home Design Ideas dining room lighting is a kind of lighting that will make your dining room look beautiful. Here are some inspirations of the lighting.

Crystal certainly offers something elegant that what many modern people want. The combination can be in many forms when it comes to crystal lighting. For example, you can choose the one combines with brush nickel. great post to read

Bathroom – Recessed lighting in an enclosed shower stall is a must, over the sinks use strip lighting or fixtures mounted on either side of a framed mirror over each sink.

If you have a jacuzzi tub, a ceiling fixture on a dimmer switch can promote romance or give you enough light to read a book.

Dining room – Unless the room is cavernous, a chandelier on a dimmer is all you need.

Family room – A ceiling fixture for those dark and gloomy days, or to provide all over light for your party is a must, but don’t forget the task lighting!

If there is a game table, it must have its own fixture, easy chairs should have a floor or table lamp next to them for reading or any close work.

Bedrooms don’t require a ceiling fixture, though a ceiling fan/light combo is always nice.

Night stand lighting, or a floor lamp by a chair is required.

Formal living room – No ceiling fixture is necessary here, track lighting that can be aimed at furniture groupings or important wall hangings, a few table or floor lamps and you are all set. 

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