Bedroom Decorating Idea

Waking up to your ideal environment, the ambience of a bedroom has far reaching implications for the kind of person one is.

While not exactly a scientific theory it has been often stated that our bedroom is an extension of ourselves.

Any bedroom decorating idea ought to emanate from there with an emphasis on cleaning up the clutter, because we sub-consciously then clear up our minds.

This is not to suggest that people have messy rooms but oftentimes we gather things over the years for which we have no use or no particular attachment.

Feng Shui suggests that letting go of things is a of way taking control of our lives and allows for new experiences and newer acquisitions that have a more current significance.

It is therefore not a bad thing when contemplating a bedroom decorating idea to start by clearing the clutter.

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Retain things that are important in the present context and let any bedroom decorating idea reflect the kind of individual you see yourself as.

Clearing the clutter does not mean you can’t keep anything of sentimental value from the past, just not to be a hoarder.

Let a bedroom decorating idea translate into an entire awareness of your being because your bedroom is who you are…

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms. Put some effort into making it a pleasant place to be.

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A Low Maintenance Bedroom Decorating Idea

If you have a busy life and want a bedroom that requires very little upkeep and yet still looks good, it isn’t difficult to find a low maintenance bedroom decorating idea.

There are plenty of interior magazines that promote the simple and yet stylish look for any style of bedroom.

If you have absolutely no bedroom decorating idea of your own it makes sense to browse through magazines and get a sense of what is available.

For a low maintenance and yet stylish interior you could go in for a Zen feel, with its low bed, straight lines and tranquil feel.

The Zen design is devoid of too much fuss and bother and hence is easy to maintain and at the same time doesn’t look Spartan and devoid of warmth.

Choosing tranquil colors and light wood with a lot of storage space, and some indoor plants is a good low maintenance bedroom decorating idea.

To complete the Zen interior you need to choose light rugs and upholstery in fabrics that breathe easy and from natural fibers.

A Zen style bedroom is bound to make you feel calmer, more relaxed and ready to face the world.

Bring Romance Into A Bedroom

You’d imagine it would be easy to bring romance into a bedroom but if the interior is all wrong it just might send romance right out of the window.

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A bedroom decorating idea for a romantic feel definitely doesn’t mean you go over the top with hearts and pink drapes!

For a romantic feel, you could choose period furniture, upholstered with luxurious fabrics, in prints that are neither too loud nor too plain.
You could choose a great Persian carpet if your budget allows it.

Let the room be cozy and yet airy and decorate it with framed pictures and carefully chosen curios. Scented candles in different colors, shapes and sizes add to the look.

The basic decorating tip for a romantic bedroom is to aim for an intimate feel but do not mistake this for dark or over the top.

And remember romance is about two people, so let it be a bedroom that both partners feel comfortable and romantic in!

 Bedroom Decorating Idea