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Beach house decorating should never be a chore, in fact, when deciding how to decorate a vacation home or beach house you need to keep one thing in mind: relaxation.

By its nature, decorating a beach house should not occupy a huge amount of your time. Instead, you should be doing what you bought the beach house for in the first place, relaxing by the beach.

If your beach house is a hideaway retreat for you and your loved one or your family, don’t worry about a large amount of furniture and fancy furnishing.

Instead, opt for a simple kitchen setup, one where you can all enjoy a nice breakfast and good meal without worrying about ruining the china or spilling on the table or rug.

Pick chairs and tables that capture the relaxing feel. Leathers and expensive fabrics should be avoided.

Think about it, beach means sand, dirt, wet bathing suits, shell collections, maybe the occasional bucket full of fish and, most importantly, lots of lounging. Get a few comfy couches for afternoon naps in the ocean breeze.

Wicker has proved enormously popular in beach communities, many choosing it for its durability, its natural and summery feel and the ease in which it can be cleaned.

Wicker furniture definitely captures the beachy feel, but without the proper cushioning, can be somewhat uncomfortable. Don’t worry so much about matching.

Walk into any beach home, and often the furniture is a rag-tag collection of mixed and matched (or unmatched) thrift store pick ups, discarded old furniture from the main home, or furniture that has been around for ages.

If entertaining is your thing, plastic tables and chairs are not only the perfect solution, but are almost an expected staple of the beach house.

Inside a bright and bold Australian beach house home move from a London terrace to an Australian beach house prompted a bright, bold revamp for this Anglo-Aussie family

Just over two years ago, Kate and her Australian husband Deon closed the door on their Victorian terraced house in West London for the last time and set off to Australia, with children Jake and Jazmin in tow. recommended you read

When guests arrive, they are generally there to enjoy the view, soak up the ocean air, and engage in some casual conversation over a cocktail or a nice cup of coffee.

While it should not be completely ignored, don’t stress over style and elegance, that’s not the idea here.

Instead, the idea is to enjoy the company of others. Since mingling is key, make sure you have extra chairs around that can be pulled out and put away when more people come to join.

A buffet table is a great investment, especially folding ones that can be set aside in a closet or attic and brought out and set up inside or out when the need arises.

Make sure the furniture is lightweight as well.

One of the reasons plastic sets prove so popular is they can be moved with ease around the house, and can be taken outside.

Another practical reason for plastics is its durability and ability to stand up to the elements, beach house decorating should also take into consideration the fact that rain, high winds and humidity are par for the course.

Salt air also can have a negative effect on furniture, which makes plastics such an attractive option.

Not only can it be moved when the wind and rain arrive, but it can stand up to the salt air and humidity.

In the end, remember that beach house decorating should be done with the ultimate goal of relaxation, don’t worry about the furniture, focus on the view.

Beach House Living Area

Decorating A Beach House With Limited Space

Even if you have limited space, you can still decorate any room and maximize the space without sacrificing style, when faced with space constraints, comfort and practicality are always important.

In a living room, pull the furnishings away from the wall to create a cozy conversation area around the center of the room.

Never place heavy furniture at just one side of the room, instead, place it at opposite ends to create a balanced look.

When arranging a room, convenience is a key consideration.

Lamps and tables should be placed close to the sitting area for added comfort.

Smaller places should be furnished with lighter furniture to create comfort and ease of movement around the room, in order to maximize the existing floor space, traffic should be directed towards the center of the room.

Allow 18″ to 24″ of space between furniture pieces and 14″ to 18″ between the center table and the sofa.

Never crowd the furniture arrangements.

Armless chairs are a good way to define traffic flow and save space as well, by balancing the shapes and sizes of all room furnishings and accessories, you will be able to keep the room to its appropriate scale.

Beach Decor Ideas From Different Cities decor is unmistakable, with its ocean-blue hues and seashell flourishes. Coastal style, on the other hand, is far from universal.

The bamboo-lined rooms of a Palm Beach bedroom contrast sharply with the Moorish influences of a San Francisco home, for instance, while the practicality of Northeast coastal towns is as distinguishable as French influences in Charleston. straight from the source

If you are re-decorating your home office, consider putting built-in shelves, it will provide enough storage without taking up so much floor space.

Applying light paints will soften the lines of the room while visually enlarging the space, it will also reflect the natural light from the window to make the room brighter.

If you need extra storage for your office supplies and stationery, try using decorative boxes, it will be both functional and attractive, try stacking different sizes for added interest and place them beside a chair or on a shelf.

For a small dining area, consider using a drop-leaf table, you can raise the leaves when entertaining a group of people and drop them when dinner is through or if only few people are dining.

Use small continuous patterns on the wallpaper as much as possible to add flair to any décor without crowding the room with complicated motifs, a wallpaper border placed at the top of the walls draws the eye upward adding vertical dimension to the room and making it appear taller.

Use a monochromatic color scheme, it will help increase the size of the room visually.

Avoid ornate style furniture because it will only overcrowd a small space.

Finally, sparingly use accessories and background color to add highlights without making the room appear smaller.

Accessorizing the room with mirrors will give an added illusion of space while using glass topped tables will provide surface area without blocking the visual openness of a small room.

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